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G1st Clothing is a line aimed at serving quality clothes to the masses for the glory of God. You will find everything from tees to hoodies to caps and etc. Though we are just getting started I am confident that with Gods help and your support, we will be a lasting entity in a fashion driven world....welcome to G1st Clothing.

Disclaimer: Until I'm fully stocked up, delivery time may be anywhere between 7-14 business days due to some shirts are printed when ordered. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Monday, August 23, 2010

"Jesus!" Tee

Jesus the reason I'm down with GOD (The Father)/Jesus Christ is the reason that I'm bound with love look/He's Heaven sent because of Him I can repent/Because of Him, I'll be living in a heavenly residence/Oh yes He came down for me/He Stripped Himself of His glory laid down His crowm for me/ He came to Earth, showed His worth, got bound for me/ Took them nails and them thorns stretched out on a tree man!? Yes He did it all for me, yes He did it all for you/Just so you could be used by a heavenly dude/ He is many names to many people/But above He is Christ there's no earthly equal/The way, The Truth, The Life Christ said that/ John 14:6 where I read that/ If you ain't got Him then get Him and if you got Him stay with Him/ He's the ONLY WAY to GOD/ Who's coming with Him?
2nd Verse of "Trinity" written by B.Holy from the album "Attached To The Vine"

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